Essential Oils and Sleep

Support your body in getting restful sleep the natural way!

Have you ever lain awake at night unable to find the Sandman? Sung lullabies in hopes of helping your child find peaceful rest? Stared at the ceiling for hours? Or maybe counted that endless rotation of sheep?

There are many options for sleep aids that come with many different side effects. What if there was another way? A natural way to help the mind and body relax?

Essential Oils provide the perfect solution to a common problem. The Essential Oils that are discussed in this class help soothe, calm, and relax your mind and body. By the end of this class, you will come away with the knowledge of which Essential Oils to use, and multiple ways to use them so that you and your family can find rest easily.

What's included?

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Suzanne Taylor
Suzanne Taylor
Master Life Coach ~ Aromatherapist ~ Positive Psychology Practitioner

About the instructor

Suzanne ignites ideas, conversation and connection...her motivational talks and workshops are a combination of innate wisdom, modern tools and humor to grow communication, connection, leadership, emotional intelligence, productivity, strength, positivity, grit, resilience and a life you love!

Suzanne has condensed 35 years of experience/study in exercise, nutrition, holistic living and delivers it in a 16 step process for living your best life. This practical approach to wellbeing can be delivered be within the containers of coaching, workshops or seminars for individuals and corporations.

Suzanne is described as an "authentic connector, hilarious inspirational thought leader" sharing personal stories, triumphs, struggles with science and research-backed content and the modern tools that you can implement in real life!!

Suzanne holds a BA in Applied Science, MA in Positive Psychology, 25 years experience in dentistry, has certifications in Life Coaching, Corporate Wellness Coaching, Nutrition, Mind/Body Fitness, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Flourishing Skill Group Coaching, and is a Certified Optimized Living Coach with additional trainings in Energy Medicine, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Duality, Public Speaking, Marketing, Social Media and Leadership/Personal Development. 

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